About the IACAB Register

The IACAB Register helps you to locate Certified Organizations, Accredited bodies (CABs), or Certified Personnel and in doing so, also satisfies part of the IACAB risk management strategy by assisting in identifying organizations that hold authentic IACAB accredited certificates. If a certificate is not included on the register, the certificate should not be considered as valid and should be questioned by the recipient of the certificate.

Note that the Certified Organizations database provides information on valid IACAB accredited certificate holders. There are however several possible reasons why a certified organization may not appear on the register and therefore the recipient should not reject the certificate without further discussion with the issuing conformity assessment body (CAB). If you are unable to find a particular certificate holder in the database then you should contact the CAB who issued the certificate to confirm its validity.

More information on each of the databases is provided below.

Certified Organizations

The major database contains all organizations which have a management system or products independently certified by a CAB which in turn has been accredited by IACAB to perform such certification. More than a dozen management systems are included such QMS, EMS, OH&S and FSMS.

This database also identifies companies whose products have certified to various national and industry product standards by accredited product certification bodies.

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