Corporate Policy Structure


To provide the best accreditation services that surpasses the world class expectations. We also look forward to work in unison along with like-minded accreditors. Following a definite standard worldwide would pave way for the battlement of trade and commerce among the nations around the globe.


  1. To be equally accessible to all the certification body applicants who wish to be accredited to the criteria of the Board within its scope and capability, within the geographical limitations decided by the Board.
  2. To upgrade criteria of accreditation in line with international improvements and to foster improvement in the quality of certification process with the support of certification bodies.
  3. To be impartial in its decision on criteria and process of accreditation.
  4. To seek mutual recognition of the accreditation schemes internationally.
  5. To be independent of any undue influence of any stakeholder and to conduct its business professionally.

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